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I'm just a little boy
And you know me well
I've been a storyteller
Without any story to tell
If I could taste freedom
In your beauty, in your arms
I wouldn't leave
We all gotta finds our way through faith
We all gotta sometimes believe

I've been a carrier
Of misaligned truths
Felt I knew the gods were on my side
I didn't see any reason for proof
But I'm just a man with a mission
To prove to everyone I can survive
You'd think it enough to wake up in the morning
And find yourself alive

They say you can't rush a good feeling
You got to take some time
But I'm way to impatient mama
And I can't seem to make up my mind
But if love comes calling
Want to hear every word that she say
Maybe I'm just to used to lonliness
And I get in my own way
I get in my own way

See I believe in the future
Cause it promises so much
And in the present day as I sit with the sun in my eye
My heart's still missing your touch
Oh there might be a day
That the day gonna come
When only your love will relieve
We all gotta find our way thru faith
We all gotta sometimes believe