“… A very talented musician with an amazing voice. I enjoyed him very much.” 

Bonnie Raitt, Recording Artist


“Drew has a great voice. His Lennon is impeccable. I feel like I am in the room with Lennon himself.” 

Bob Brown, former Manager – Huey Lewis and the News


“Harrison’s ability to connect with his audience is quite amazing. His delivery has the power to touch listeners in a way you may not think possible.” 

Beth Peerless, Monterey Herald

A couple of rare performance outings up ahead:

Tuesday 8/3: "Three Of Us" return to Santana Row's "Sounds of Summer"
Live video of Three of Us courtesy of fabfourgirl1964.

Friday August 6: "Two Of Us" are in Fairfield celebrating Pioneer Tap Room's 2nd Anniversary.  GET TICKETS HERE

Three Of Us @ El Campanil Theatre


Love Likes Fire may have actually been the last song New Religion ever recorded. I wrote the lyric and most of the music on this one. Was trying to write a Leonard Cohen-esque lyric that spoke of the beauty, sensuality, fear, vulnerability, reflection, and the honesty that appears with intimacy. Wanted the music hypnotic, trance-like, perhaps a bit primal. Of the many cool things about working with Mark, Andy, and Randy Gallerin (on drums here) was that they were always great at translating my description of the "feel" of one of my tunes into music. I remain deeply appreciative of that.

Andy created the video below.  Hope you enjoy!

Love Like Fire (1988) - New Religion

"LOVE IS THE ANSWER" - The Concert for John Lennon's 80th Birthday

What a wonderful evening! Click the image!

What a wonderful evening! Click the image!