Featured Website Track: Sometimes Believe 2016

Featured Website Track: SOMETIMES BELIEVE

Written by Drew Harrison
Produced and Arranged by Richard Cummins

Wrote Sometimes Believe in the mid-1990s, attempting to be Lennonesque, a-la 1970. Honest, brutal, adrift, and dispirited in those days, I penned a lot of truth, melancholy, and anger.  Life is beautiful, poetic, an intense, sublime gift, sometimes nasty, and maybe devastatingly so. Would have been easy then to stay down, call the fight, or throw in the towel. Pick any loser's idiom. Certainly wanted to. Read this line somewhere though from a Robert Service - a British-Canadian poet "Just have one more try. It's dead easy to die". Viola! Inspiration.

Fast-forward to 2016:  Richard Cummins a very talented Canadian multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, songwriter, and producer surprised me by taking my austere version of the tune and dressed it up. He added instrumentation, vocals, effects, and arrangements, producing a rather cool tune, a-la Jeff Lynne. Tip of the hat and deep appreciation, Richard!

We've all got to sometimes believe. Hope you enjoy!

Opening for Petty Theft in SF - Sat Jan 23rd - 9pm

Opening for Petty Theft in SF - Sat Jan 23rd - 9pm

Solo Live Sun Jan 23rd - 4pm

Solo Live Sun Jan 23rd - 4pm

“… A very talented musician with an amazing voice. I enjoyed him very much.” 

Bonnie Raitt, Recording Artist


“Drew has a great voice. His Lennon is impeccable. I feel like I am in the room with Lennon himself.” 

Bob Brown, former Manager – Huey Lewis and the News


“Harrison’s ability to connect with his audience is quite amazing. His delivery has the power to touch listeners in a way you may not think possible.” 

Beth Peerless, Monterey Herald

"LOVE IS THE ANSWER" - The Concert for John Lennon's 80th Birthday

What a wonderful evening! Click the image!

What a wonderful evening! Click the image!