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Written by Scott Brainard & Drew Harrison

I've been saying goodbye to the past
Though I don't think it will last
Cause lately things
Things aren't going my way

Digging in the boxes
Digging thru the dirt
Going back is an idea
Which i'm beginning to flirt with yeah
Cause lately I can't make it
Thru the day

The passing of the fable
around the dinner table
Was hardly kept alive
On a Sunday morning drive
Store bought love
Was hardly enough
Now I give what I get
Gotta learn to forget

Forget about the stories
Forget about the stones
Forget about the terror
Forget about the bones
Cause lately I can taste it
And it's dripping in our home
Yes it is

Tear becomes my eye

It seems to complicate the scene
The mediocre life's a dream
Gonna step out of the shoe
That ties me up with you
A fossilized tradition
A modern life rendition
Keeps us slow
Gotta learn to let go

Tear becomes my eye