When I Want You

Yeah… you want passion
I’ll give you passion and more
Yeah… you want fashion
I’ll give you fashion and more

Distance don’t make the heart grow fonder
I don’t care and yet I wonder about you

Yeah… you want laughter
Well I’m a joke a minute baby, yes I am
Yeah… tell me your aspirations, condemnations, regulations
I’ll abide by them all when I can

If you’d sing to me
Like you did on the night
We saw the sun dripping
Out of it’s light
When I want you
I want more…

Not really

Yeah…you want crazy
Well I’m certified, institutionalized, I’m traumatized
A psycho for sure
Yeah…you want one heart
It’s all I’ve got
So take it

Do do do do do do I want more
When I want you
I want more

If you walk with me
I will walk with you
If you talk to me
I will talk with you